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Parking and Mass Transit

Suggested Parking Areas for No Permits

Parking is friendly at the University at Albany. With improved signage, we hope to make parking easier on our campuses. The following form will suggest parking areas based on the building/area or unit/office you need to visit.

The search below provides parking information if you do not intend to purchase a temporary permit from Parking and Mass Transit Services. If you have purchased a temp permit with a specific lot listed on the permit, you may locate the lot.
Note: Please see special information about East Campus parking.

By Building/Area


Very short-term (Metered spaces) only

By Unit/Office


Very short-term (Metered spaces) only

East Campus: The East Campus has different parking permits from those used on the Uptown and Downtown Campuses. Uptown and Downtown Campus parking permits are not valid on the East Campus. Likewise, East Campus permits are not valid on the Uptown and Downtown Campuses. The above search is based on permits and procedures for the Uptown and Downtown Campuses. Please see the East Campus Map. For questions about East Campus parking, please contact Tom Robinson, Manager of the East Campus, at (518)-525-2779.

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