Human Development - Counseling Psychology Concentration (Fall 2016) First Semester Online Worksheet

Complete all items on this form. Your academic advisor will use these responses in developing an appropriate set of courses for your first semester at UAlbany. Choosing this pathway does not lock you into any particular major or prevent you from exploring other pathways in subsequent semesters.
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Special Notes About This Major/Exploratory Semester:

Your semester will include
Course 1 A PSY 101 ::  Or A SOC 115 ::   
Course 2 Freshman Seminar  (Course Descriptions can be found here. Indicate in Question 4 if you do not want to take a Freshman Seminar. )
** This list of courses is part of a Major Academic Plan (MAP) developed by advisors in conjunction with academic departments. Click here to view the full list of MAPs in a new window.

Course descriptions
To review course descriptions prior to selecting courses, click here. (Note: the preceding link also opens in a new window.)

Course 1

First click the radio button representing your chosen course or course type. Then make course selections (if applicable).

A PSY 101  Introduction to Psychology ::

A SOC 115  Introduction to Sociology ::

Course 2
Comment: Course Descriptions can be found here. Indicate in Question 4 if you do not want to take a Freshman Seminar.

Freshman Seminar

AP and College Credit
1. Reenrolling in the same course that you already have credit for will result in a loss of credit.

To avoid this, please list ALL possible sources of college credit you may have earned (AP or IB exams, college courses, CLEP tests, or University in the High School courses) whether or not you know your score/grade at this time.

For courses, indicate the college that will grant you credit. (Ex: Eng 101, Nassau CC)

Note: you must send official scores and transcripts to our Office of Undergraduate Admissions to have these credits posted to your record.

AP Tests and Scores (if known) College Courses

Additional Information
2. Tell us more about your ideas for school and career.

A. The majority of majors require a minor. Please list any possible minors or alternative majors you would like to pursue. For a list of minors please click here. For a list of majors please click here.

B. List any plans or ideas that you may have for further education or careers after you earn your bachelorís degree (Examples: Law school, Medical school, finance, etc.)

If you are considering a Health Profession, please review this link for relevant coursework information.

Pre-health Curriculum

3. The General Education Program is intended to provide students with a foundation that prepares them for continued work within their chosen major and minor fields, and gives them the intellectual habits that will enable them to become lifelong learners. Courses within the program are designed not only to enhance studentsí knowledge, but to provide them as well with new ways of thinking and with the ability to engage in critical analysis and creative activity.

Descriptions of the general education categories can be found here. Please list three general education categories that you would be interested in exploring during your first semester.

4. Do you wish to be enrolled in a freshman seminar as noted in your course choices?
5. List any special circumstances that might affect your schedule. (e.g., athletic team participation, commuting, ROTC, health issues).

A typical UAlbany freshman course schedule may begin at 8:15 am on some days and end at 8:35 pm on other days.

6. If you sang or played an instrument in high school and would like to continue doing so, you can consider adding a Music Ensemble to your schedule.
These include: Chamber Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, Pep Band, Jazz Ensemble, Orchestra, Symphonic Band and Chorale.

Please indicate if you wish to have any of these added to your schedule.
7. Have you requested a Living/Learning community through your housing application? If so, which one? If accepted, you will be scheduled into the course(s) connected with that Living/Learning community, in place of others on your course request.
8. If you have been admitted to the Honors College, you will be registered for TCPY 110. In addition, please choose 3 Honors classes.

Honors College courses and descriptions can be found here.

9. List any other information you want your advisor to know. This may include scheduling restraints, long range plans or academic concerns.
10. In the case of students with disabilities, any special requirements can be communicated through the Disability Resource Center at (518) 442-5490.
11. Your schedule is not considered finalized until you receive it from your advisor at Orientation. Until that time, you may see classes listed on your schedule through MyUAlbany, but these may change for a variety of reasons, including changes to the Universityís schedule of classes. An advisor will be contacting you.

If you have any concerns, please call us at 518-442-3960 or email

Tuition liability disclaimer:

I understand that by submitting this form I am authorizing my advisor to register me as a full-time student. I understand that as a result I will be responsible for associated tuition and fees, unless I drop or withdraw from these classes by the published deadlines available on the Student Financial Services website.
If submitting this form via postal mail or fax, please sign and date below: Signature:______________________________________________ Date:____________________

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